Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gorgeous Girls

Miss A and her amazing blue eyes, and Little sis L, with  her dark brown eyes.... ugh, soooo adorable! The girls were so awesome!! Toss in a couple crackers and leaves for snack...and it was the perfect shoot!


I met up with mom and her little pumpkins today....literally! haha!! It was a fun shoot! The boys were great, and mom was fun to chat with!! Great models!! I think you should make them do it again next year! haha!!


How adorable are these two!! Mr blue eyes, and big brother the comedian! I think I smiled more then these two did on our shoot today! So cute, and so good!! Happy 6 months little man D, and the big 3 to big bro P!! Great to meet you, and hang out this afternoon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The B Family

I met this family a couple years ago, in being that our kids go to the same school! It's a good time to hang out, since 5 of the 6 of ours kids' names start with A...and two with the same A name. Very interesting trying to keep them all straight. We met out at the nature trail this afternoon to get some family pics, and the kids did awesome!! Now mom can update the family picture wall! Whoohoo!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mom and the kiddos....

I met up with mom and her 4 kiddos today! Whew, we had lots of laughs with these 4!! They even climbed a tree for me!! Thanks for making the trip into town today!! It was good to see you guys again!!

Family of 5

How gorgeous is this family!! It was like they walked right out of a magazine!! Super cutie pie kids, and sooooo much fun to work with. The kids were awesome models!! We had great weather too!! Have a great holiday season!!

FUN to be 1 !!

Little man B was all smiles for me today!! What a cutie pie. I haven't seen him since his newborn pics. We had a great time at the nature trail!! Mommy picked out some cute outfits, and he was the perfect model!! Happy Birthday little man!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just turned into a family of four!

Welcome to the world baby W! Your a tiny bundle of joy, and the strongest 6 week old I've ever seen!! Holding your head up and pushing your self over. Mommy and Daddy sure are in love with you, but I think big brother A is also a pretty big star!! A is awesome!! So much fun, and such a little ham. I have never met a 3 year old that put up with pictures the way he did!! So great!! and of course....go Packers!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mommy's men....

I met up with Jen and her little men today!! Daddy too! We rushed like crazy to get these done before the rain came, and finished right as the drops stared to fall!! The boys were awesome!! Totally earned that ice cream treat!!

2 years later....

I had the pleasure of photographing Andy & Kristin's wedding..and here we are two years later.... reunited again! haha! We had fun at the nature trail with their fur babies! I don't usually make it a habit of "woofing", but I made an exception today!