Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.......

Okay, so being in a creative business...and apparently wanting to be like Oprah...haha!!......I wanted to share some of my favorite things!  I have met sooooo many awesome and creative people! Every year around this time...people start planning gifts, purchases, wish lists, etc, for the holidays! I just wanted to make a list of my AWESOME, most favorite, and bargain deals from some of the awesome ppl I have met through out my business, and social journey through life. 

#1. Of Course I think my Creative Letters are an AWESOME Bargain gift! Personalized gifts are expensive.... Creative and different personalized gifts at affordable prices.........
are almost unheard of! 
and of course... my creative letter collages... personalized with last names....

#2. Hand Stamped Pendents...jewelry.... Awesome'ness! I have nothing but screaming good things to say about Mindy! She made me a personalized pendent with my kids names on it...and it's rare to find a day where I am not wearing it! I LOVE it!! I love giving it as gifts...and you NEED to have your own!! and Seriously... $9!! She makes the cutest onsies, headbands, 
and all sorts of cool stuff!!

#3. Do you Tizzy Dee?! We do!! Check her out!! The cutest personalized hats!! I LOVE her work! So cute, and made in any colors, sizes....kids, adults, flowers, sports, animals!! Anything goes! It's awesome! I can't wait to take more pics this winter with more Tizzy Dee hats!! Cheap shipping...or she's local here in Oshkosh! 
#4. Scentsy!! Oh my! I LOVE having my house smell awesome!  These end up being cheaper then candles and smell sooo much stronger!! My friend Megan introduced me to these...and now I'm hooked!! Ohhh, so good! I'm melting mochadoodle as I type this!! Contact Megan for more info..or to get hooked! haha!! 

#5.My new favorite necklaces!!!! She designs & prints, then they are covered with a product that hardens like glass. A glass crystal charm finishes them off. LOVE them!! She will take custom orders for only$13.95!!!! Soooo adorable! I just got mine... should really take a picture, but literally just picked it up about 2 hours ago...and just bought one for a friend for her birthday! So cute! I love anything and everything with my kids' names on them!! So adorable! These are located at the Market St. Boutique in Oshkosh. 

#6. Maggie Doo Tutus!  I LOVE these! These are great gifts for the little girls in your life! They are fantastic and actually "stick out"..which I love for photoshoots!! So adorable! Plus, they are made by a local mom here in Oshkosh, with shipping available! 
        http://www.etsy.com/shop/amyt243?&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=App_Seller&       utm_content=shops&utm_campaign=fb_seller_shop

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