Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm ready to scream!

I recovered 2 of my emails! Thank Goodness!! But, still have to start my facebook pages all over again. I'm in contact with facebook seeing if there is anyway to recover my settings, but we'll have to see. I hope my hacker ticks off someone with really big muscles and gets pounded in to the ground... yes, I'm bitter! :)
PLEASE go and check it out!!

UPDATE - my new email is


Kim said...

Just saw this in my RSS feeds and posted to my facebook wall. Bummer - do you think you have some type of virus or thing on your computer that this is happening? Otherwise do you have wireless and is it password protected? Maybe a neighbor is hacking into your computer through the network?

Hope you get everything situated soon and find out what is causing this all to happen!!

I'm Just Saying said...

You take wonderful Pictures!! And I love the one or 6 drinks.. A woman after my own Heart :) Have a Good Day

ohshootphotography said...

thank you! I just figured out that someone hacked into my actual computer..through my wireless/router... sooo mad! But, hopefully the problem is solved now!